4 Ways To Prioritize Effectively & Efficiently

Let's face it ...we live in a busy and noisy world. Unless you live in the mountains secluded with limited access to the internet your world can feel overwhelming and confusing at times.  Social media, the internet, your home life - something is always hustling and bustling.  Something always needs to be done like right now and suddenly you feel overworked, exhausted and perhaps you even feel like you're on a race track chasing after the next big thing that can bring ease to your business.  It's easy to get distracted by the 'bings' and the 'beeps' on your phone and your computer.  What's challenging or can stumble most women building a business is prioritizing what's important to help them get to where they want to be.  

I know this, because I was once you. Don't get me wrong. I, too, get distracted or side tracked but I've narrowed down to 5 ways to prioritize so that way the side tracking doesn't last too long or linger for months leading to a stagnant business.

I'm going to ask you to break up with the never ending to do list.  And as you implement what I share with you below, I highly recommend you schedule time on your calendar for not only income producing activities but the occasional gut check to make sure you are on track with fulfilling your purpose.

  1. Be proactive with your calendar.  Know that something is ALWAYS going to come up - block off time on your calendar to address the 'urgent'  issues and know when to cut it off and focus on the needs of your business.  In order to prioritize action steps for your business, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve.  Clarity is key. It's important to be able to  assess your business frequently (whats working vs whats not), prioritize (before establishing priorities you need to know whats important to you), and eliminate the distractions . It's easy for us to prioritize the things we want to do vs what we need to do.

    If you cannot define your destination how will you know you have arrived? 
  2. Be tight on your objectives but flexible on your plans.   Here's the thing...when we are flexible with our priorities we will notice lack of stability in our lives.  We will have repeat experiences - short blissful successful moments and then back to our starting point.  Make your objectives non negotiable but when it comes to the 'plan' know that there are going to be curveballs thrown your way and adjustments that are going to be needed. I'm not saying lower your expectations or create easy objectives to achieve. There isn't one way to get to your destination. There are many ways - sales funnels, blogging, networking events, social media, marketing plans and more.  Don't put all your eggs in one basket and be loose with your objectives.  You'll end up questioning your purpose over and over again.  
  4. Choose the priority or lose the significance.  Sometimes we commit to the wrong things.  And by wrong things I mean projects, tasks, etc that don't contribute to our purpose.  You know what that leads to right?  Exhaustion, loss of energy or excitement, and at times resentment.  If what you are working on isn't firing you up even with the stumbling blocks that come your way, it's time to part company.  Perhaps you grew up with morals like me and was taught to always finish what you start.  But what if you  spend years climbing the ladder only to realize when they reach the top that the ladder was against the wrong building?  There is no honor in finishing a task that destroys your purpose. I'm not saying leave your commitment high and dry but if it isn't something that moves you, it's time to speak up , transition the project over (or delegate) and move on.
  5. Evaluate the return on your priorities Don't forget to assess the return of investment on the time you spent and evaluate the return.  So the next time you opt in for a free training or a free download, know that it's not free. You are putting time into it and it's time you won't get back. So if you're going to invest time in learning, you may also want to invest time in implementing.  There's loads of free trainings out there so before diving in, you may want to evaluate if its a good fit for you. What does that mean? Read between the lines and don't jump on it just because it has a catchy tag line.  Is it something that can truly help you fulfill a gap in your business?  Does the moderator, coach or mentor speak to you?  If so, know that their free offer was also their time they invested to help make you a better business builder - so use the information instead of hoarding it and over consuming. 

 So before you allow yourself to get suckered into being 'busy', focus on the priorities and objectives that are going to get you the results. Reflect on what you are spending your time on identify if those activities then ask yourself:  are these activities in  alignment with my purpose?