The Priorities of A Leader

The demands as a leader can often feel overwhelming.  There are so many expectations for you to deliver on at times you probably feel spread to thin.  Are you focusing on activities that fulfill you?  That foster your growth?  That contribute to your purpose?  

As leaders, we shouldn't allow ourselves to be so focused at the tasks on hand but be focused on concrete results of being effective with our time and our actions.  So before committing to the next opportunity or request that comes your way, here are 5 valuable lessons that can be detrimental to your success:

1. Prioritize your income producing activities before fulfilling them. Clarity is KEY.  Efficient and effective leaders pride themselves on a high level of discipline.  There is always going to be someone who needs you unexpectedly and the timing is usually the most inconvenient.  How are you going to react?  If you want to create momentum daily, focus on the one thing that should remain a priority that helps you fulfill your purpose and your passion.

2. Be tight on your objectives but flexible with your plans.  When you have flexibility around your priorities, you own't be stable in your life or your business.  We all have unforeseen situations, circumstances and opportunities that will arise.  The question is : do you stick to the plan or stop the plan and chase the opportunities?  I know, that's a tough question and it's most likely a case by case basis.  So to dig deeper - how will the opportunity help or hurt me?  Then decide how to move forward rather than being reactive and dropping everything around you for that one moment.

3.  Get organized or stay agonized.    Remove the things that are a waste of time.  This may sound obvious but take a look at your day and reflect on how you are spending your time.  Are you investing in your own time wisely?  It's up to you to create a discipline on how to make your priorities work.

4. Choose or Lose.  Choose the priority or lose the significance.  Nothing is free especially if it cost you time.  Ask yourself, is this activity worth the time I'm investing in?  Think about your current project or plans that you are working on - how are you getting a return on your (time) investment? 

If a certain decision you made is no longer producing results or serving you, then it's time to break up with it and move on to something that is much more meaningful.  If you're doing something that isn't fulfilling your purpose, you're only hurting those around you and most importantly you're hurting yourself.  

As you increase your leadership responsibility, the demands of your schedule become greater.  So as your business and/ or organization grows, ask yourself: what is capturing the most of your time?  Is it in alignment with your purpose?