Success Vs. Significance

For a long time, I was driven by the idea of being successful. 

But after years of chasing the 'successful' dream, I stalled.  What was I chasing?  What was I really going after?

Social media has a tendency of wrecking the image of success.  We fall into the comparison trap. Whether you're on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, let's face it you, you've fallen for the "when it's my turn" thought or....'how did they do that so quickly" as you examine the image of someone smiling and looking well put together.  

At one point success for me meant that I would earn this crazy high 7 figure salary, work two hours a day, live on the beach and........... and what?

When I came to the crossroads of success vs significance, I realized I spent a lot of time chasing the wrong thing.  The continuous hustle and grind for success lead me to burn out and constantly feeling wiped out.  It drained my creative energy and flow.  I scaled back and felt that I needed to recharge to drive again towards success.

And then I realized. Success isn't what I longed for.  Being a person of that is totally up my ally.  What does being a person of significance mean? 

It means being able to impact my clients and those around me in my community.  It means being able to provide transformations vs providing information for you to overload on.  Significance allows me to influence others at a higher level and most importantly, its a representation that the results I help my clients achieve will be long lasting.  So whether we work together for a few weeks, a few months or a few years, the strategies and tactics I have shared will be something my clients can implement for the long haul.

Significance is my driving factor to have more in my business....What is your driving factor?