Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or running a team, How to be a REAL Success is going to help you transform your level of leadership, confidence and influence within your community.    For one full day we are going to laser focus on how to find more prospects, connect with your prospects, increase your business momentum and most certainly how to maximize your confidence in your business and in your life.  Imagine yourself in a loft surrounded by ambitious and passionate women who are also entrepreneurs like yourself and feeling connected to a creative vibe, customized strategies for YOU, and walking out of the room feeling unstoppable.  

How to be a R.E.A.L Success is a day focused on YOU and these areas to help you grow into an influential leader to those around you



Love and accept yourself. The only relationship in your life that is continual and therefore most important, is with yourself. The first person you learn to get along with is you.


Great leaders grow their vision from “ME” to “WE.” People fail to equip others due to the energy required and the need to be in control and the inability to notice leadership potential in those around us.


Our attitude is a choice. It determines our approach to life.  Taking inventory of our attitude allows us to foster an environment to empower & equip those around us & also nurturing our inner leadership skills.


Leadership takes time and energy to develop. We overestimate the event and we underestimate the process. The secret to becoming a successful leader is discovered in your daily agenda.

To Be A REAL Success, it is so important that you are able to relate to others better as you understand relational rules; Equip yourself with the proper skill sets; improve your attitude through daily practices and lead others successfully to where you have gone and beyond.  One full day of coaching, mentoring and networking in addition to Success Roadmap Handbook and bonuses throughout the day.

Early Bird Registration for

How To Be A R.E.A.L Success April 2018

will be available Monday November 20th - November 30th!

"If you feel like you missed out on the first event, let me tell you......you did!"
-Ashley Craker, Wedding Solutionist
"This was such an invaluable experience for my mindset, personal growth, and my business!!  I can't wait for your next one! For those that didn't make it, make sure you get to her next event, it will surely make an impact for your business!!"
-Maria Kieras, Spa Owner