Kiera Casanova is an Executive Leadership Coach, Trainer & Speaker with an in-depth background in organizational growth, marketing, advertising and sales.  She leverages positive leadership strategies, organizational culture assessments and effective communication tactics when working with her clients and their teams.

Kiera is passionate and dedicated to empowering and equipping leaders, managers, business owners and teams worldwide. Using proven innovation, strategy and growth development tools, Kiera's life purpose is to help teams and organizations reach their greatest potential personally and professionally.  Kiera focuses on business development, profitability, effective communication skills and improve productivity through speaking, trainings, workshops and consulting services.  She specializes in all areas of entrepreneurship, Consumer Packaged Goods, Marketing & Advertising, Hospitality, Fitness, and Real Estate.  

Utilizing life experiences and leadership expertise, Kiera is sure to ignite the transformation process with teams and groups throughout their time together.  

 Kiera brings creative energy and a different perspective to help make shifts and adjustments to organizations and companies worldwide.  She is a lifelong learner and and is an active member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team.