One to One Coaching

There is no cookie cutter approach or one size fits all when working with Kiera.  One to one coaching is designed specifically to your needs and your goals.  Together, we'll identify blocks and obstacles holding you back or feeling stuck in the same place.  You'll find that Kiera's tough love yet genuine approach will have you more focused, driven and grounded than ever before.  We focus on creating and establishing a clear vision for you and your business.  Ideally, Kiera wants to see her clients thrive in their industries, help them increase their revenue and momentum while decreasing stress & eliminating the guess work.  We also identify ways to make you a more impactful and influential leader to your clients and your team members.  Utilizing various strength assent tools, Kiera will pinpoint communication loopholes, evaluate sales strategies  and workflow to increase productivity across the board. 

Kiera works with a select few each year on a one-on-one basis



Kiera doesn't come in with her own agenda.  She focuses on your agenda. Because of her leadership skills, she's able to recognize facial expressions and tones of voices, a-ha moments and hesitations immediately.  Kiera truly pays attention and listens to what you're saying.  She shows up with everything - overly prepared and pour all that she has into you and your business.  I was elated to know how transformative to work with Kiera.  I feel lucky and blessed to have crossed paths with Kiera.

- Ashley Craker, Wedding Solutionist


My team grew from 4 team members to 34 team members in just three months. My business has experienced explosive growth since working with Kiera.  Kiera is invested in seeing  you succeed and for you to be your personal best. There were times I wanted to stop or pause and she would challenge me to keep going.  Kiera's vibe attracts a tribe of women who are on FIRE.  Working with Kiera is not just an investment in right now, it's investing in the leader you want to become.

-Megan Battista, Literacy Consultant