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Gervase Kolmos, Certified Life & Leadership Coach for Mamas


Kiera's Next Level Leaders Group Coaching has been invaluable for me. When I quit network marketing and decided to go solo, I had no idea how to move forward. I was frozen. Kiera gave me a starting point with the resources within her mastermind and as I began to ask questions, she helped shift my mindset and get clear on my niche. It would've either taken drastically longer to figure things out without her help or I would've quit due to discouragement. Kiera doesn't mess around. She's serious about the success of her clients and meets them right where they are. She's great at asking questions that help them problem solve and think through what steps need to be taken next.

Kiera is a gem and has helped me have so many breakthroughs!

- Tasha Whitt, Women's Christian Leadership Coach

Jessica McCurdy, Online Health & Fitness Coach

Sharon Drohan, Online Health & Fitness Coach


I kid you not! Kiera Casanova, I am very genuine when I say THANK YOU for all that you do. I have great admiration for your skill and passion. I have learnt more from your 2 training than I have in 2 years. I have dread being vulnerable and putting myself out there. However, with your reasoning of why we are doing what we are doing...well it just made more sense to me. This gives me more confidence in being "that vulnerable".

I endorse...Hell, I strongly ENCOURAGE anyone within this group to step-out away from ambiviance about joining one of Kiera's Leadership groups. She brings such passion and knowledge to the forefront. You will NOT regret. I am ever so grateful to crossing paths with this dymanic woman!


- Sam Purdy, Health & Fitness Online Coach